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Farewell, Arthur Miller [11 Feb 2005|05:11pm]
Info on Arthur Miller
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Electoral madness [03 Nov 2004|02:15am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Man! I can't really explain in detail my level of frustration in watching the electoral turnout. You can see in any major news org about how bad it is was this election, for the more "progressive" citizens in this country :-P

It basically solidifies that although most of the state of Washington is in general agreement with my political views, the majority of the voting populace in the rest of the country fails to agree with my rationale :-P

Mathematically, it's down to likely down to Ohio to decide the final electoral vote -- but that's not likely to swing for Kerry due to a number of results:

(1) off of CNN.com: Bush supposedly leads Kerry by 138,152, with 99% of precincts reporting.
(2) DNC purports that there are some 250,000 provisional votes that are yet to be counted (won't be known for 2 more weeks). The other factors are the remaining 1% of precincts yet to report, as well as late absentee ballots (postmarked today, typically from oversees).
(3) This means that in order for Kerry to win Ohio, he must take at least 138,152 votes more than Bush out of the remaining ballots -- which would be 77% of those ballots. This requires a higher proportion if there aren't really 250,000 outstanding ballots, and a smaller one for more outstanding ballots. Either way, it seems like the outstanding count won't significantly surpass 250,000 -- and the necessary 77% will be hard (unlikely) for Kerry to rope in. But not impossible -- so CNN.com still calls it "too close to call". Who knows -- maybe there'll be a recount, and we'll discover some huge proportion.

Oy. Well, there's my election angst -- it's enough to make me break my super (nearly year-long) hiatus from blogging. (Can you see that I'm not a habitual/methodical person?)

Well, I'm going to bed, feeling slightly defeated, but not completely hopeless.

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Sorry ya'll -- Ahma fixin' to reform mahself to post more ahften. [01 Dec 2003|10:28am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So, I couldn't help but to post this for your consumption:

Scholars of Twang Track All the 'Y'Alls' in Texas

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Patches are good, I swear. [30 Sep 2003|12:07pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

-- techie blog posting alert --

Microsoft’s ER

This writes about a lot of what I like to explain to others about Microsoft product stability. I honestly believe that MS has got some of the most convenient software on the market. However, with any product that's constantly trying to add "innovation", or more honestly, just nifty features, it's hard to do that without building off of what you've got. Then it becomes a race to decide what's more important the new features (that may probably sell the new product more), or refactoring to increase stability. Then again, if you refactor, how many *new* undocumented bugs are you now introducing? Tons, most likely.

So you go the way of testing -- try to pound on the software, and fix it where it's broken, but still overall follow the mantra "if it's not broken, don't fix it". This means that eventually poor design decisions get left in code, for ages to come. I'm not sure if this is really avoidable

I remember very well in Comp410 when I was working on my largest collaborative group program at that time, and still being hesitant to refactor code in risk of breaking interop with others' code, in such a short timecrunch. Especially changes in the interfaces that the other code links against -- you then know they have to change their code, and getting them to change it the right way can be frustrating -- and you know you don't have time to change it all for them.

Probably for that class, one of the most realistic things was having a realistic hard and fast deadline. After that was imposed, it was funny how conservative people projected in their estimation of how much progress could be made in a given time interval.

Well, "c'est la vie".

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hey, I got a 52% majority too... [27 Sep 2003|12:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

So, Katie's friend Sam tends to have the have a knack at finding online polls... including this LJ analyzer that tries to guess your gender (hey, don't most CS majors have to write some sort of Markov-model/heuristic guessing program at some time?).

So, here are my results... surprise surprise...

My journal says I'm 52% feminine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta
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bugs just keep falling on my head... [25 Sep 2003|10:55am]
[ mood | blah ]

Yay, more work. I think I have my time cut out for me... ugh.

But on the flipside, that's why I'm employed. Wouldn't be paid to populate my livejournal all day....

So... now current bugcount is *3* (which is a lot for me, when I can spend hours staring at a C++ code section, wondering WTF the original developer was thinking) ;-)

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I am l33t. [25 Sep 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Yay, I finally got around to embedding the Live Journal into my website [Official Blog Link Here]

So now I don't have to write an RSS aggregator, or add commenting or permissions systems, since Live Journal already has it.

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Can't have it all... [24 Sep 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

"Cleverness may carry survival costs"

So my friend Curtis sends me this article, which kinda supports the hunch I've had for a long time... and Paul thinks this hints at why I always end up eating last ;-)

Or could be that I'm just always stuck in la-la land. Definitely more interesting than the real world at moments.

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returned! [24 Sep 2003|12:30pm]
[ mood | content ]

Okay... so it's been forever since I've posted.

But everyone says that.

I went to Houston, and L.A. -- my mom's doing fine, or at least as well as she should be for a woman who's just had breast cancer surgery. Erasure makes me happy... la la la

In the meanwhile, I've been totally unproductive, as usual. Hehe. Also, Trillian isn't working with the weird firewall at Microsoft... at least not Trillian's MSN component.

Other thought... I called my mom yesterday (on my sister's recommendation, gotta love her for being considerate). Mom was astounded that her phone bill reflected that her and I had had an hour and a half long conversation in August. I guess she's under the impression that I never call her... and don't love her... blah blah blah.

But then again, I don't live in Southern California anymore....

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frustration... [29 Aug 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Okay, so this week has been pretty busy. To start out, my officemate HongYu is out on vacation... and me and another guy on our team are set to fill in for him.

The issue is... are we really ready to do that. Well, on Monday we had no choice, and we quickly found out that we had to do a fair amount of fishing around to get anything done. Compounded with subtle problems here and there, we definitely ended up spending a lot more time than we wanted working on it.

In addition, I've been pretty stressed this afternoon on trying to figure out how to find a way back to Los Angeles. It started with me being invited to go on a recruiting trip with Microsoft, back to Rice for their career fair on 9/12... but now I have to find a flight back to Los Angeles, to attend a surgery due to a family medical problem (yeesh). So, after a call to the travel arrangers after-hours number, they rescheduled me to fly directly to L.A. from Houston... pending approval. I hope this works out...

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weekend developments... [17 Aug 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So, the right couch finally arrived this weekend, but I find out the hard way that I live on Belmont Avenue "proper" instead of Belmont Avenue East. I've also been working too much on the backend for this site, instead of getting ahead at work ;-)

But work will always be there, and a person needs to take breaks. Another positive note, I found out that there's a grand piano in building 31. Yay! Now I can go there whenever I have an urge to be musical :-)

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getting lighter, for now... [14 Aug 2003|05:47pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So, I've managed to do it myself / get help to lighten my bug load so that it's out of my hands (oh joy).

Now I get to take on a bigger project that's more "integral" to our team, so that's definitely good. I'm looking forward to the change of pace.

On another note, I think I'm gonna use all the empty Mountain Dew cans (currently residing as a giant pyramid on my desk), as support struts for a platform in my apartment. The plan is to build a platform-like thing to raise the floor higher and make the "bar-counter" functional, as a bar ;-)

Yet another project for my apartment, which seems like will never be completely furnished nor decorated. Oy.

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the grind continues... [11 Aug 2003|11:39am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm actually really happy at work, I'm just unhappy to keep this one bug on my plate for so long.

It's really frustrating how something seemingly simple can turn out to be difficult for you... if you don't have the right background knowledge.

Alas, I got back from work around 1:00am yesterday, too caffeinated to go to bed immediately and thus stayed up 'til around 3:00am.... which caused me to wake up at 10:30, and voila (pronounced voy-lah on purpose), I'm at work at 11:30.

If God is kind, I'll finish the bug today :-P

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inaugural entry [10 Aug 2003|08:53pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So, I had to go to dictionary.com to actually look up how to spell inaugural correctly, why is that?

On that note, even the correct spelling looks kind of weird to me. Does that ever happen to you? You stare at an English word and "poof", it no longer looks like it makes sense anymore. I think it happens to me when I think too much about the shape of the letter and get absorbed in the aesthetics and geometries of each of the characters placed next to each other.

Written language is so weird.

On another note, congratulations to me, for trying yet again to keep a weblog. This time, I think I'll maintain it since I went through the trouble to develop the system myself. There should be a slough of nifty features coming up in the future, so hopefully that, and my oh-so-interesting rants will ensnare some internet readers.

Take care for now!

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